The BIG PICTURE - selected images and audio links

The BIG PICTURE at Little Haiti Cultural Center - Miami, FL

The exhibition displays sixteen colossal images by sixteen extraordinary photojournalists. The work is featured in high-resolution that makes viewers feel they are part of the scene, allowing them to experience the event first hand.  Each image is a physical manifestation of the expansion of meaning.  

       - Carl Juste, curator.

 Images courtesy of the artists. 

BigPicturePoster copy 2

Stop 1 - CARL JUSTE - Introduction

CarlJuste Inauguration copy

Stop 2 - CARL JUSTE - Inauguration

JoshuaPrezant Checkpoint

Stop 3 - JOSHUA PREZANT - Checkpoint

AlDiaz Arian2 copy

Stop 4 - AL DIAZ - Arian

PatrickFarrell SonsonPierre2

Stop 5 - PATRICK FARRELL - Sonson Pierre

MariceCohnBand LaBandera copy

Stop 6 - MARICE COHN BAND - La Bandera

CharlesTrainor Home1


JonVanBeekum TuxedoMan

Stop 9 - JOHN VANBEEKUM - Tuxedo Man (self-produced) photo by Al Diaz

CW GRIFFIN, A Day's Work

Stop 9 - CW GRIFFIN - A Day's Work (self-produced)


Stop 11 - TODD LYNN - Printing the show

BIG PICTURE BANNER TOUR PROTOTYPE. Snap the code to put it on your phone


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Opening night photos by Al Diaz.

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