Felici Asteinza -  Milagros: Portal Culture at Miami Dade College's Freedom Tower

ROSIE GORDON-WALLACE is founder of Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator in Miami. She introduces the latest project, Milagros Portal Culture, a performance/installation residency by Felici Asteinza and her artistic collaborators, hosted at Miami-Dade College's Freedom Tower. Gordon-Wallace describes the project and gives credit to its various sponsors. 

FELICI ASTEINZA describes Milagros, "the semi-permeable art collective" that she co-founded with Alvin Fillastre and Evan Galbicka in Gainesville, Florida. Several members of the group, accompanied by friends and collaborators are participating in a brief Miami residency under the auspices of ROSIE GORDON-WALLACE's Diaspora Vibe Cultural Incubator and co-sponsored by the Visual Arts Network (VAN). They are transforming a gallery space within Miami-Dade College's historic Freedom Tower with a painting, sculptural and musical installation. Music courtesy Jane Jane Pollock. (Courtney Asztalos and Danny Clifton and friends)

Musician DANNY CLIFTON describes the interweaving of music and visual arts in their "Church of Holy Colors." The Milagros art collective uses this facility to stage muti-media performance/installations in Gainesville, FL and is sharing the experience with a Miami audience. 

 JOEY FILLASTRE and EVAN GALBICKA join Felici Asteinza in describing the origins of "The Church of Holy Colors." The interweaving of music and visual arts as a spiritual practice lies at the heart of their mission.  A special feature of the Miami residency is that musicians were invited to Miami to be a part of the process from its outset. 

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