Frank Hyder on his Koi series layered paintings

In this 3-stop audio tour, FRANK HYDER describes the complex creation of his textured paintings that combine gold and silver leaf,  digital printmaking, glazing and direct brush painting. Frank credits the lessons and mentors that began with his childhood apprenticeship to a woodcut master. He invokes the influence of Claude Monet's rapid production of variations on the Rouen Cathedral facade, the raked sand patterns of Japanese gardens and his own extensive travels in South America.

 Having lived in the tropics, he's attracted to full-blown color. "I start each painting with a solid structure, and then I get myself a little in trouble and then I have to paint my way out and generally color is a key for getting out."

This series was commissioned for a new Oceania line cruise ship and the artist makes reference to the movement of the fish, the energy of water, the energy of light, of the materials and the constantly moving and shifting world, "with things moving under us, in us, around us." And he concludes, "We're all just part of the movement of life itself."

Introduction - Finding a voice

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Stop 3

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